Designed by Wright’s apprentice, Peter Berndtson, The Balter House offers a remarkable lodging experience. Natural light is the key to this home’s integration with its natural surroundings. A great room surrounded with windows reveals long views and interesting boulder formations. Similar to Wright’s philosophies, but true to its own style, your stay at the The Balter House will be as extraordinary as it is relaxing.

115 Balter House Main Living Room and Fireplace

 Photo by: Dave Teats


 You have to enter requested dates to  Check Availability.

 *Weekday Rates Monday- Thursday $229 per night up to 3 guests. The house sleeps 6 guests. Additional guests are $50 per guest, per night.

 *Weekend Rates $299 per night up to 3 guests, same as above. ** Excludes Holiday Rates. A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to make a reservation.

*The kitchen is equipped with a stove top, oven, microwave, refrigerator, toaster and Keurig Coffee maker.

*The fireplace is for your use. Firewood is provided.

*Towels and bedding are provided.

*No pets allowed

*Due to the historical and architectural nature of the homes, children staying must be at least 6 years of age.

Built in 1964, The Balter house is a remarkable home, with the great room and screened porch cantilevered in midair on two steel beams, projecting outward into the woods. The interior and exterior of the house is of board and batten construction, with a rough texture to the boards and stained wood trim. There are exposed redwood beams on the cathedral ceilings. Additional walls and the fireplace are made from fieldstone with raked mortar joints. Ample skylights flood the house with natural sunlight. It is set within the edge of the forest, overlooking a series of large boulders. The great room is surrounded by windows, and has a huge floor-to-ceiling fieldstone fireplace. During the summer the entire house is filled with green-tinted sunlight.