Balter House Guests:


“Spent one great night in this fantastic & peaceful house. Very pleased we took the time out of a whirlwind holiday of the USA> Fallingwater tomorrow will be truly memorable. Highly recommend the dinner, arranged by Tom (the owner) after a busy day of travel, a few glasses of wine – perfect evening!!”

Darren and Sharon Hunter    Kapiti Coast New Zealand


“Our stay here was fantastic. I have always been fascinated by Frank Lloyd Wright. To stay here was a very memorable experience. The beautiful views, cozy fireplace truly brought nature indoors. I LOVED IT!!”

Robin and Sam Hunt     Yardley, PA


“A very unique house. We really enjoyed our 3 day stay. You can see F.L. Wright’s influence everywhere in the Balter House. I hope that those who stay here in the future enjoy it as much as we have!”
Dan and Fran     Iship,  NY


“We truly enjoyed our visit to Balter House and Polymath Park. This part of PA is beautiful and we admire the work you’ve put in to save these houses and share them with the rest of us. Thank You!! We hope to return to see how Polymath Park develops”.

Wiley Cornell & Rich Marschner   Shaker Heights , OH  2007


“What a great place to relax among the ferns and chipmunks! This house definitely feels like it belongs among these elements, joining right in with the tree canopy and glimpses of sky. Falling water and hiking the grounds here on Sat. Scrumptious dinner at Tree Tops last night!! A great story…”

Bob & Susan Newell   Hershey, PA


“A magical spot- and the house is everything that we had hoped it would be. Wonderful period details, the perfect proportions, lovely setting. Even the weather co-operated sunlight in early October and warm. A great stay!  Thanks”

Mara McSweeny & Blair Harley   Toronto, Canada


“What a surprise- this wonderful house in the woods. Having visited the Scottsdale Arizona site years ago, this is a special “coming home FLW” We enjoyed living in this Original setting for a couple of hours.”

Ursula, Sacone & Christoph Oggenfoss     Zurich –Switzerland